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Operation Restore Hope 2024 WELCOME LETTER

Welcome to Operation Restore Hope New Zealand and Germany in partnership with the Alay Sa Kinabukasan

Foundation (ASK) and Ospital ng Paranaque (OSPAR) Medical Surgical Mission 2024 where our hearts unite for a

cause close to our souls – a medical surgical mission dedicated to bringing smiles and hope to Filipino

underprivileged children and adults born with cleft lip and palate deformities, four years following the COVID-19



As we gather, amidst the echoes of a crisis that tested our resilience and unity, let us remember the countless

children whose struggles persisted long after the pandemic's peak. For these children, the challenges of accessing

medical care and support were compounded by the lingering effects of a world forever changed.


For ORH 2024, we gather not just as witnesses to adversity, but as architects of hope, builders of a brighter future,

and guardians of those most vulnerable. On 27 April 2024 to 3rd May 2024, we embark on a journey that speaks to

the resilience of the human spirit – a journey fueled by compassion, powered by love, and fuelled by the unwavering

belief that every child deserves a chance to smile, to laugh, and to live a life full of possibilities.


In the shadow of uncertainty and hardship, let ORH 2024 be the beacon of light that guides these children towards a

future filled with promise and opportunity. Let us not only mend their physical wounds but also heal their spirits,

uplift their communities, and pave the way for a world where no child is left behind.

In the four years since the pandemic, we have witnessed the power of solidarity, the strength of compassion, and

the resilience of the human spirit. Let us carry forward the lessons learned, the bonds forged, and the hope that

sustained us through the darkest of times.


Together, let us make a difference – one smile, one child, and one heart at a time.


Thank you for your unwavering dedication, your boundless compassion, and your relentless pursuit of a better world

for all.


See you all soon.

Hector Gonzales

Mission Coordinator

ORH NZ and Germany