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The start of our mission Operation Restore Hope 2024

Long wait

Together for a better future for children

After a 4 year break due to the Corona pandemic, the long-awaited return mission of the organization 'Operation Restore Hope' (ORHNZ) is finally taking place again in the Philippines. From April 26th to May 4th, 2024, doctors from Australia, Abu Dhabi, New Zealand and Germany will operate in Manila on children who suffer from cleft lip and palate deformities. However, other lesions, such as  burns, hand deformities and superficial tumors are also treated.

In the midst of the hustle and bustle of the world, where hope for healing is urgently needed, the organization "Operation Restore Hope" (ORH) is setting an example. Doctors from Australia, New Zealand and Germany are steppeng up to help the children in the developing world. Together they want to give these little fighters a new life.

The mission of Operation Restore Hope (ORH) is invaluable to those in urgent need of assistance. Through the collaboration of international Volunteers  hope is given to little patients in the Philippines. Operations on children with cleft lip and palate are not only medically demanding, but the results can be and are, life-changing. The ORH team is ready to use all its skills and commitment to help These Patients and have a positive influence on their future. Every intervention means a chance for a better life, as free as possible from previous health restrictions and social stigmas. ORH's mission is to help sustainably improve the lives of many young people and significantly increase their quality of life.

With these newsletters, spread over the  7 days of the Mission, we will give you a little more insight into the work on site. Concomitantly we would like to once again thank all sponsors, partners and friends for your commitment and support for this mission. 

Long wait

The preparations of the international medical team

The international doctors of Operation Restore Hope are busy preparing for their mission in Manila today. With great dedication, they set up the operating rooms, sort the material storage, discuss operation plans and prepare the instruments. Every move must be perfect because operations on cleft lip and palate require the utmost precision and care. Despite the distance and the different countries of origin, they form a tight-knit team that only has one goal in mind: to help the children and give them a new perspective. Each individual doctor contributes his or her expertise to successfully implement ORH's mission. It is admirable to see how they prepare with passion for this demanding task, ready to bring hope and healing to the little patients.

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The long waiting time for little patients

Finally the time has come! The little patients in the Philippines who have been waiting so longingly for the operation of their cleft lip and palate are now finally getting the chance for help. Operation Restore Hope's international medical team is ready to give these children a new life. The long wait is over and the anticipation of the upcoming procedures is palpable. With concentrated strength and professional expertise, the doctors will do everything they can to help the little patients in the best possible way. Every operation presents challenges, but the team is determined to overcome them and give hope to the children. The support of the local community in Manila is invaluable and contributes significantly to the success of the mission. Gratitude and respect accompany the team’s every step. A new chapter full of hope and possibilities is dawning for children in the Philippines.

Long wait

Children are particularly important to the doctors during their missions. Cleft lip and palate are very common in the Philippines. Most of those affected have not yet been able to receive treatment because medical care in the clinic - as in the entire country - is not nearly sufficient. The consequences for the young patients are dramatic. They are often shunned by their fellow human beings and excluded from society. Many children are chronically malnourished because it is difficult to eat. Furthermore, the language development disorder resulting from the palate malformation represents a massive problem. For many children, social integration, school attendance and friendships are almost impossible. In addition, misaligned teeth and chronic infections in the ear, nose and throat often occur.

The challenges of cleft lip and palate surgery