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ORH 2014 - Mission Launch

ORH 2014 - Mission Launch

This year’s mission in the Philippines for the organisation „Operation Restore Hope „ has begun. Surgeons from Australia, New Zealand and Germany will perform surgery on children in Manila,  mainly those with with cleft lip and palate deformities (Harelip),  from 04.-10.04.2014.

The children are the most important patients for all surgeons. Cleft Lip and Plate is very common in the Phillipines. The majority of those affected are unable to have any form of corrective surgery at the correct time as treatment is often unavailable, not only in Metro Manila, but absolutey lacking in outlying provinces and islands.

The consequences for the children are dramatic, with ostracization  from society and isolation from their peers. Many of the children suffer from chronic malnutrition with is complicated all the more by the congenital deformity.  A concomitant developmental speech deficit and problems with articulation develop due to  the deformity resulting in further problems with social integration. Associated with all the above are chronic ear, nose and throat infections and improper /anomalous /poor dentition.

We once again want to thank all our sponsers , partners and friends for their engagement and support of our mission, and hope to provide you with a small impression of our work during the mission.