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ORH 2014 - Post Operation

Moments of joy not only for all team members, but for family and the parents of the children. The first group of children have their successful surgeries and the parents are elated to have the opportunity that their child had a free operation.

Dr Michael Hornung from Germany carries John in his arms from the operating room to recovery. He's operation, closure of a left lip, was successful.

Following surgery all patients return to the recovery room where they are monitored for about 2 hours before returning to the wards. The parents are involved with postoperative care right at the outset to ensure ongoing management following discharge.

Information such as postoperative managment, folllowup dates, medication is given. The smaller children are also give toys. This is an essential part of the team's work as post operative would healing and life changing result is very important for the patient.

The firt day passed by without any complications and 19 children came to surgery. Over at last: at around 6:30pm scapels are laid aside - it was a tiring day for the whole team. At 7.30pm the hotel is reached and after a short discussion about the following day, each and everyone is off to bed. Tomorrow the alarm will go off at 5.30pm!