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Operation Restore Hope 2014 - Teamwork

ORH 2014 - Teamwork

During the mission week, all team members are extremely busy.  Working in an atmosphere of trust is very important for every team member as each situation requires precise handling to ensure success. The brother and sister team ,  Dr. Christopher Wachsmuth (Plastic surgeon from Germany) and his sister Dr. Stephanie Dorn (Dentist) are very happy about their teamwork on the patients during the mission (see photo below).

Often, in fact in the majority of these small patients, before  cleft repair surgery  can begin, the dental team have to remove badly decayed and damaged teeth

Each day of the mission begins at 6.00am with a communal breakfast. Once surgery starts, each operating team continues until all the patients scheduled for surgery that day have been seen and treated. Today everyone is delighted that all 16 children have had successful surgery.