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Operation Restore Hope 2016 - The ASK Foundation & The Charity Ladies

ORH 2016 - The ASK Foundation & The Charity Ladies

Without the charity ladies from Manila and their ASK Foundation, the mission would probably be impossible. Via Hoffman is one of the organizers from Manila and Chairlady of the Foundation. She works tirelessly, together with faithful team, months prior to the arrival of the medical team and uses all her polital, bureaucratic and business contacts to aid the Operation Restore Hope Mission.

Medical licensing and official permission to work has to be applied for, before any member of the team can work and operate at the new venue Hospital NG Paranaque. Many things have to organized anew and tailored to meet the requirements of the surgical team.

The ASK Foundation assumes responsibility for covering the entire costs, associated with travel to and from the hospital, for all the patients and their dependents. Not only the costs of all medication and medical screening, but also pre and post operative care, feeding and accommodation and all the details that enable comprehensive care and state of the art treatment for all patients.

Following the week long mission and after the departure of the team, Via Hoffman and her helpers stay on in Manilla for another 14 days to ensure that any complications following the surgery is dealt with promptly and professionally.

Via Hoffman and her team are also devoted to caring for the emotional needs of their small patients. Before surgery they provide toys, which have been collected, to the childre, play or draw with them in order to occupy them and reduce anxiety prior to surgery. This enables this experience for child and parents alike to be a worry free as possible.

Many thanks to Via Hoffman and the dedicated ladies of the ASK Foundation!