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Dr. Gordon Kricke

ORH 2018 - From the German Ambassador

For the 20th anniversary of Operation Restore Hope in the Philippines, I would like to express my appreciation and personal respect to all volunteers and supporters. The ability to communicate is the foundation of all people to participate in society and lead a self-determined life. Especially in the poorest areas of the Philippines, this participation is often difficult anyway. It touches to see how many people in this country also suffer from a widespread genetic defect that triggers a cleft lip and palate.

This deformation makes it difficult for children to form words and learn to speak. In addition, there are problems with food intake and social exclusion - disadvantages that can deprive children from poverty conditions of any chance of a better life. In childhood, the deformation can be surgically corrected. However, the costs of about 250 euros are often priceless for parents living in poverty areas. I admire how the association Operation Restore Hope has been engaged in free operations for these people for 20 years now. In particular, I am pleased to hear that the organization has helped almost 2,000 children to have a real chance of a self-determined life within society.

To make this possible, the international team around Dr. Christopher Wachsmuth annually his time and passion for the relief effort in the Philippines. The state development aid of the Federal Republic is predominantly large and has government agencies to partner. In addition, however, immediate activities such as those of Operation Restore Hope, which start directly with individuals in need, are very important and a welcome addition. With the help of private citizens they provide immediate improvement for individual recipients. I therefore have great respect for the helpers who are committed to helping people far from their homeland and giving them the opportunity for a better life for themselves and their families.

During a visit to the partner hospital of Operation Restore HopeĀ  in Manila, I was personally allowed to visit the doctors, nurses and the entire team at work and get an intense impression of their tasks. The passion and perseverance with which Operation Restore Hope helps impressed me deeply. I wish Operation Restore Hope e.V. and all those involved in the Jubilee Year and beyond continued success in their work in the Philippines, and hope that the team continues to be as successful as it has been here in the country.

Dr. Gordon Kricke