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ORH 2019 - Ward Round

ward 1


The next day

The first results of our endeavours become reality. During the early morning round all the children subjected to surgery the previous day are examined. The scars are still a little painful, however this is soon forgotten when the changes brought about by surgery are seen, providing  patients with a new lease on life. The parents of these children are so grateful and happy upon being reunited with their offspring in the wake up area following surgery.   Most parents stay overnight with their children, caring for them and attending to their every need.

Some children will require follow up surgery next year and those that have unfortunately become acutely ill before surgery and have been deferred will be back again  for a later mission

The actual cost  of the closure of a cleft lip and palate is around 300 Euro and Operation Restore Hope  is extremely lucky, through the magnanimous support of the public, to be able to cover these costs, which is a blessing for all parties.

The organisation cannot rectify the economic conditions of each family, however the life changing help they provide enables the patients to later live independent lives and have a chance of a better and more fulfilling life in the future.

ward 2



Many local helpers at the hospital in Quang Ngai supported the international team this year. The success of each mission has grown with each year on the basis of trust, and this allows for  a congenial atmosphere when working together.

ward 3

Sister Janice Cruz on her way to the operating theatre with Lam (1year) (picture above)

Dr. Tristan de Chalain with ……… (picture below)

ward 4


ward 5Lingh is very happy with his egg which has a nice surprise for him…his pain quickly forgotten.

ward 6


ward 7ward 8ward 9Dr. Jeff Fairley with freshly operated 7 month old Yingh.

ward 10