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Andrew Henry

I have worked in the health service since 1983. I started in London, but am now in NZ. In that time I have met many Pilipinos, and made many friends. In London they would take me to the annual Fiesta. There I would sample many Pilipinos dishes, Halu Halu, Chitcharon Balak Lak and Sissin Pork to mention a few. My friends always said 'go to the Philippines, you'll love it'. So when I was approached by ORH to join their 2010 mission as their Anaesthetic Technician, I jumped at the chance.

The Philippines was more than I could of imagined. The heat, the smells, the noise, the traffic, the madness of it all, just wonderful. The mission was intensely challenging and hard work. But nothing could compare to the joy on the faces of the children, knowing that they were to get their surgery. It was all so humbling. So much in life can be taken for granted. Work like this, brings everyone back to Earth. This is by far the most rewarding gift you can give. Seeing the team work tirelessly to help as many patients in such a short time is amazing. I'm proud to be a member of the ORH family.